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Psychotherapy for Adults


Psychotherapy is intended to help people improve and maintain their mental health and well-being. Working individually with a therapist in a psychotherapeutic relationship, you will collaborate together to bring about positive change in dealing with personal struggles, coping with vulnerable emotions, identifying relationship issues, facing significant losses and shifting problematic behaviours. 

***Please note I am also very happy to work with people who do not wish to incorporate art creation into their therapy process as I use a variety of modalities in my practice. 

Psychotherapy Services

I work with adults of all ages, providing support for a range of concerns and struggles. During our initial session you will have an opportunity to share what is bringing you to therapy, along with your hopes and expectations for therapy. Together we will identify unique goals and create a plan for your therapy. My work with each client is unique to each individual, but our sessions might include some talking, creative expression, somatic based approaches, mindfulness practices, “parts”exploration and narrative work, DBT and EMDR. The frequency of subsequent therapy sessions will be determined by your goals and specific needs, however ideally we meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in order to keep continuity. 

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