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Therapeutic Yoga For Trauma

Therapeutic yoga for trauma is a movement and breath-based practice that is informed by understandings of complex trauma, attachment theory, and neuroscience. 

You can learn how to regulate the functioning of your nervous system with techniques such as altering the rhythm of your breath, practicing mindful body awareness, and exploring physical yoga postures to create greater choice about your level of arousal or activation.

Yoga is a path to healing body and mind

Many of the symptoms of traumatic stress are due to an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. By definition, trauma refers to any event that overwhelms our capacity to mentally, emotionally, and physically cope with or process the experience. Trauma survivors are often flooded by intrusive sensations or emotions and as a result can become hypervigilant to their surroundings, avoid places that remind them of their experiences, suffer from panic or want to shut down with fatigue and depression.

 Since these symptoms are as much physical as they are psychological, we need body-centered interventions to rebalance the body and mind. Without interventions that incorporate somatic awareness and movement, many therapeutic approaches are limited in their ability to help clients fully release the impact of traumatic events. 

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